7 things you should know about Chris

  1.  One time, when I was younger I was shopping with my parents at a plumbing store.  Suddenly I had the urge to go to the restroom.  Instead of interrupting my parents conversation, I decided to try at one of the many toilets on display.  My mom LOVES to retell that story.
  2. I do not have a theology degree.  I have a degree and many years in the mine field of ministry.  I love Jesus and want others to love him too.
  3. I’m VERY hospitable.  One time in college, I was neighbor to a prince from Saudi Arabia who was also a college student.  Fassil hesitantly invited me to dinner one evening (it smelled so good).  Much to my dismay I was seated with my friends on the floor and rice and chicken was served on newspapers.  My friends were eating only with their hands.  After months of being their neighbors I realized that they didn’t have any utensils! I hurried back to my apartment for paper plates and silverware.  Fassil was so sweet he tried for a minute or two to accept my hospitality but then explained to me that they don’t eat with utensils.  My heart was forever opened in that moment.
  4. My parish has a large Latino population (45%).  I know very little Spanish.  But once in a while I’ll use a Spanish word or two.  For years I had been telling students to siete in Spanish.  It worked because they would always sit politely.  It worked until last year when I was teaching middle school group and I said, siete.  One of the girls looked and me and said, “why did you say 7?”  I was all big chested and said, “I said sit down.”  That sweet group of Latino girls had a nice little chuckle.  I can now say, “Sientete” like a boss!
  5.  I was extremely extroverted in high school.  My classmates sometimes rehash stories and tell me things I did.  I always question them.  Is there high school amnesia because I’m pretty sure that they have the wrong person?  As I’ve gotten older (ahem, matured) I’ve become more introverted.  I felt very relieved to learn this past year that there are lots of introvert/extroverts. I love being around people until I’m peopled out.
  6. I’m a journal starter but not finisher.  I can’t tell you how many journals I’ve started and not finished.  I have quite the collection dating back a long time ago.  Sometimes they are a hoot to go back to read.  Others are pretty tough and bring back some deep emotions.  For whatever reason I can’t go back and write in an unfinished journal.  I always buy a new one in hopes of filling up the pages.
  7. In 2003, I attended a Cursillo Retreat Weekend.  I was a young professional at the time working in an affluent community.  I was invited to the retreat by the leaders of my Lenten Bible Study group.  During the retreat I had a lot of internal dialogue in my soul and I was looking for a true connection to Christ in the Eucharist.  I had decided that if I didn’t find it in the Eucharist then I would start checking out other faith based churches to see if I could find something better suited to me.  At Mass on the Saturday of the retreat after having been to the Sacrament of Reconciliation prior, I knelt down before communion and prayed that Jesus would reveal himself to me.  After consuming Christ, I went back to my seat and knelt down.  I had the most powerful feeling of goose bumps that I’ve EVER experienced.  However, when I touched my arms their were no bumps.  It was Christ presence inside and around me.  I now call these Faith Bumps.  Hence, the title of this blog.